Timber Trucks & Transportation Companies

Faster, more accurate measurements and increased revenues

Quick and accurate measurement of the load

All required data available in digital form for buyers

Reduction of claims. In case of a disagreement, digital proof always available

Quicker and more transparent data exchange with partners

Problem: Timber is frequently measured on timber trucks transporting logs to numerous destinations. For timber truck drivers, measuring timber can be an inaccurate process, often a degree of guesswork is involved. Timber truck drivers have a huge task because they need to load according to the weight limits on the road, but want to add as much as possible to optimize transportation costs.

The usual error rate of 5-10% may mean significantly heavier load than permitted on the roads and could receive a fine and a loss of their license.

Timber Trucks & Transportation Companies - Timbeter

Solution: Timbeter allows truck-drivers to measure the load’s pile density ratio and volume. This information can prevent dangerous overloading. Digital footprint of the measurement is created to provide evidence of how much timber was initially loaded in the forest. This measurement can be shared with the receiving party and thereby reduce disputes.

Should there be a dispute over the timber amount being received - then the receiving party can simply re-measure and check if the digital measurements match, creating transparency for all.

Transparent measurement increases mutual trust between the partners and provides accurate tracking and better safety for trucks on the road. Furthermore this digital information increases multifunctional data for better statistical reporting.