Forest Owners

Easy process, better prices

Quick and easy measurement

All needed data in digital form for buyers

Quick and transparent data exchange between parties

Better price for timber

Problem: Selling timber can be complicated as it requires some knowledge about the measurement (different formulae), assortments and prices. Selling timber needn't be rocket science.

Forest Owners - Timbeter

Solution: By choosing Timbeter forest owners are buying an insurance that they will get the right price for their timber.  Forest-owners don’t need previous experience or specific knowledge on measuring timber. They simply use the solution to get the picture of the pile and all the needed data for their buyers is available (number of logs, diameter distribution, volume etc).

As the saying goes: one picture says a  thousand words. Forest owners can simply share their measurements and buyers can make proposals based on this information: no need to physically go to the pile and make the proposal. For the forest owner, there’s a possibility to request prices from different companies, getting a better price for their timber.

Precise measurement and digital proof help to minimize risks of potential financial losses. With Timbeter, forest-owners will always know what was measured, when, and where. Digitally stored measurement data can be easily shared and accessed, and every measurement can be re-measured. In case of a debate, a digital proof is available and evidence exists in a digital form.