Timbeter is a smart-device solution for accurate timber log measurement and data management. Measure your logs in a pile, on a truck, or in a container.


Log Diameter Measurement

Obtain the volume, log count and diameters of each and every log.

  • Number of logs in a pile
  • The average diameter
  • Diameter of each log
  • Calculation according to the formula selected
  • Diameter distribution
  • Range of diameters

Log Pile Measurement

Calculates the pile volume and the pile density coefficient.

  • Automatic pile contour
  • Volume calculation with fixed air filling factor
  • Heights of the pile according to the selected distance (1,3,or 5 metres)
Log Pile Measurement
Truck measurement

Truck Measurement

Measure the volume of packs/packages to determine pile density coefficient and cubature of packs.

  • Heights of the packs on truck
  • Volume calculation according to the fixed pile density coefficient

Pile Density Measurement

Pile density coefficient determines the timber amount without air and bark.

  • Air filling factor/pile density coefficient/ratio from the selected area of the pile/whole pile
  • Volume calculation
  • Number of logs
  • Diameter of the logs
  • Possibility to calculate the air filling factor without a reference
Pile density paperwood on railcar

Defect Marking

Possibility to mark the defect logs and determine the right assortment/quality/value of the logs.

  • Upgrade or downgrade of logs
  • Possibility to eliminate wrong species
  • Possibility to create your own defect categories
  • Possibility to enter company-specific defects from the storage that are synchronized in application
  • Display the amount of the defect logs from the whole volume.

Loading Feature

Helps to load the right volume of logs from a pile.

  • Helps users to load a certain amount of cubic meters from the pile, by determining exactly the amount of logs that need to be loaded.
  • The goal is to optimize the loading activity and thus reduce the loading times throughout the whole process.
Loading feature

QR Codes Detection

Connect the log with a QR code.

  • Enables to detect the diameter of the logs and read the information from QR codes and link them together.
  • You can track the log back to the plantation or source.

Panorama Feature

For huge and long piles.

  • Make measurements of large piles in tight places.
  • Works in pile, diameter and truck modes.
Panorama Measurement

Calibration Feature

Enables you to measure the log piles on mountain slopes.

  • You can recalibrate the angle sensor.

Storage Module

The Storage Module provides real-time overviews of your measurements. Carry out inventories quickly and efficiently, generate reports in just a few clicks.

  • Real-time overview of all measurements done with different devices.
  • Detailed distribution of diameters/measurement report download in Excel.
  • Filtering by different diameters measured, so you can filter the percentage of how many logs you have in a certain range
  • Editing measurements
  • Sharing of your information via link, whether different measurements or storages
  • Adding storages, species, defect reasons, assortments and manual measurements
  • Setting diameter parameters so you can cull those you don't need
  • Management of your devices, storages, and users
  • Download reports

Storage Module
Single High-Value Log

Single High-Value Log

Timbeter SHVL is a specially designed solution to measure irregular high-value logs digitally.

  • Log diameter
  • Log surface area
  • Log volume
  • Digital data available
  • Detects the pile area under the bark